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Looking for a Perth Northern Suburbs Real Estate Agent? Sell + Rent with SAXBY Real Estate. Find out more about our personal service, where your property is professionally sold or managed through one caring and accountable point of contact.

Fresh approach to real estate – Boutique real estate taking property investors in the right direction.

Lurdes Saxby
(Licensee / Director)

Lurdes started in real estate in 2008, specialized in high profile roles of commercial and residential property in Western Australia. 

With a Background in Engineering, Lurdes is wired to provide a service based on evidence and proven strategies for Sales, Marketing and Property Design. Lurdes has a eye for Statistics & Demographics where it can predict the best possible results for each property.

Licence No RA71809

Vanessa Knight
(Property Manager)

Vanessa has been working in real estate since 1999. Brings a high level of diligence, pride in her work and does the upmost for her clients.  

With a Background of business ownership and strong family values, Vanessa has a passion for Property Management, where finds that meeting new clients and building relationships, the most rewarding part of her work.

Licence No RR8053