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Looking for a Tuart Hill Real Estate Agent? Sell + Rent with SAXBY Real Estate. Find out more about our personal service, where your property is professionally sold or managed through one caring and accountable point of contact.

Fresh approach to real estate – Boutique real estate taking property investors in the right direction.

  • Since 2015, SAXBY real estate has been successfully ensuring peace of mind to its exclusive & trusted client base.
  • SAXBY real estate is a boutique small business committed to deliver cost effective services – Sales, Leasing, Marketing and Property Management (residential & commercial).
  • SAXBY real estate success is based on data evidence, used to support predetermine the market and consequently prepare an efficient plan to ensure the best possible results for its clients.
  • The advantage of SAXBY real estate over their competitors is the high level service, one on one communication, proven marketing and tailored services to each particular case.

Lurdes Saxby

Lurdes started in real estate in 2008, specialized in commercial and residential property in Western Australia. With a Background in Engineering, Lurdes is wired to provide a service based on evidence and proven strategies for Sales, Leasing, Marketing and Property Management.

Grant Saxby

Grant has over 20 years of construction industry experience. Grant got involved in real estate to ensure that his clients property asset, is at its best possible condition, and maximize its equity potential for long term return on the investment.

Jake Fox Saxby, Executive Assistant